Happy Nest International Workshops:


🖤 Language skills are not necessary for international workshops for language, bring your children along! 

🖤 Happy Nest Workshops are for children from 6 months and are designed with pedagogical consultants. 

🖤 Happy Nest Workshops take 50 minutes unless stated otherwise. 

🖤 We do not currently offer free trial workshops. 

🖤 Please feel free to visits us before your child's first workshop! Get familiarized with the Happy Nest environment: browse through our books at the bookshop or play outside in the secret garden of our organic and natural cafe. 

🖤 Please call Happy Nest at +90 212 257 85 85, +90 212 257 87 87, +90 212 257 85 54, and +90 212 257 45 00 or email us at to make your reservation. 

Payment is due on the day of the workshop.  

🖤 On the day of the workshop, we invite you to the Happy Nest Bookshop cash register to; 

- make your payment upon registering, or, 

sign for your attendance on your package card 

🖤 If you cancel your reservation, kindly let us know at least 24 hours before the workshop begins. 

🖤 If you wish to create your own Happy Workshop with your group of friends, please let us know! 


AoD: Available on Demand: Contact us if you wish this workshop to open. 

AW: Workshop for Adults. 




Aikido Workshop EN|TR 

8-Sessions Pack 960 TL 

6-9 y 

10-12: AoD 


French Playgroup FR 

4-Sessions Pack 480 TL 

18-24 m with parents 

24-36 m


Digital 3D Modeling with Clint EN 

120 TL 

6-8 y: AoD 

9-12 y 


Virtual Reality with Clint EN 

120 TL 

6-8 y: AoD 

9-12 y 


Creative Writing & Drama Club EN 

8-Sessions Pack 960 TL 

9-12 y 


German Playgroup DE 

4-Sessions Pack 480 TL 

18-24 m with parents 

24-36 m 

3-4 y 

5-6 y 


French Creative Drama Workshop FR 

4-Sessions Pack 480 TL 

3-4 y: AoD 

5-6 y: AoD 

7-9 y: AoD 

10-12 y: AoD 


French Creative Story Workshop FR 

4-Sessions Pack 480 TL 

3-4 y: AoD 

5-6 y: AoD 

7-9 y: AoD 

10-12 y: AoD 


Turkish for Kids - Beginner Level TR (INT) 

4-Sessions Pack 480 TL 


Turkish for Kids - Intermediate Level TR (INT) 

4-Sessions Pack 480 TL 


Jr. Entrepreneurs Club EN 

100 TL 

3-5 y  

6-8 y 

9-12 y 


Cooking with Mavi EN 

150 TL 

6-9 y  

10-12 y: AoD 


Creative Photography EN|FR 

120 TL 

10-12 y 


Magic Workshop EN 

120 TL 

8-10 y 

11-12 y 


Card Making Workshop FR, EN 

110 TL 

6-9 y 




Turkish, With My Dad!* TR (INT) 

140 TL, 2nd child 50 TL 

3-12 y with dads 

*: Workshop opens according to the Turkish level of inquirers. 


Cooking, With My Dad! EN 

150 TL, 2nd child 50 TL 

6-12 y with dads 




Turkish for Expats - Beginner Level TR (INT) 


4-Sessions Pack 480 TL 


Turkish for Expats - Intermediate Level TR (INT) 


4-Sessions Pack 480 TL 


Cooking Workshop EN 

100 TL 




Baking Workshop EN 

140 TL 




Workshop Packages:  


🖤 4-Sessions Pack480 TL (with one makeup* allowed, if your child misses a workshop) 

🖤 8-Sessions Pack960 TL (with two makeups* allowed, if your child misses a workshop) 

🖤 Trial Workshop150 TL (will be deducted from package price, if you decide to buy the package) 

* If this workshop package discontinues you can select a Happy Nest Workshop available at the same price. 


Workshops available in packages of 4: 

🖤 French Playgroup 

🖤 German Playgroup 

🖤 French Drama Workshop 

🖤 French Creative Story Workshop 

🖤 Turkish for Kids - Beginner Level 

🖤 Turkish for Kids - Intermediate Level 

🖤 Turkish for Expats - Beginner Level 

🖤 Turkish for Expats - Intermediate Level 


Workshops available in packages of 8:   

🖤 Aikido with Atakan Utku  

🖤 Creative Writing & Drama Club 


Workshops available in one-time payments: 

🖤 Digital 3D Modeling with Clint 120 TL 

🖤 Virtual Reality with Clint 120 TL 

🖤 Cooking with Mavi 150 TL 

🖤 Cooking, With My Dad! 150 TL, 2nd child 50 TL 

🖤 Jr. Entrepreneurs Club 100 TL 

🖤 Magic Workshop 120 TL 

🖤 Creative Photography 120 TL 

🖤 Card Making 110 TL 

🖤 Turkish, With My Dad! 140 TL, 2nd child 50 TL 

🖤 Cooking, With My Dad! 150 TL, 2nd child 50 TL 

🖤 Cooking Workshop 100 TL 

🖤 Baking Workshop 140 TL 


Frequently Asked Questions:


🖤 What are the workshop sizes? 

We accept max. 10 kids in each workshop. 


🖤 Do you go ahead and do the workshop if only one child has signed up?  

We do the workshops even if there’s only one child. 


🖤 How many minutes of being late is ok to still get into the workshop?  

You can enter up to 15 minutes after the starting time. We do not accept kids after 15 minutes in order not to affect the adaptation process of the kids. 


🖤 How many kids are required to start a new workshop?  

Necessary conditions are a minimum of 4 kids, be able to fit into the current weekly program and early notice. 


🖤 Can I join in if my child won’t stay alone at the workshop? 

The parent can join in for 10 minutes to comfort the child. However, if the child can’t still stay alone we invite you and your child to the ‘workshops with parents’. 


🖤 How many parents can accompany the child?  

Every child can be accompanied by one parent. The participation of two parents may be allowed in less busy groups. 


🖤 Do I still have to pay if my child didn’t want to stay and wanted to leave the workshop? 

The workshop price is paid if your child stayed in over 15 minutes. We will refund if your child left before 15 minutes. 


🖤 Do you have a sibling or twin discount? 

We do not have a sibling discount. We have a 10% discount for the second child if they’re twins. 


🖤 Can we leave the kids at the workshop and leave? 

As the workshop durations are short, we require that the parents stay at Happy Nest to wait for the end of the workshop.  


🖤 Where can we wait while our children are in the workshop? 

Please feel at home at our Cafe or Bookshop during the workshop and be at workshop door for pick-up at the end of the workshop. 


🖤 Is there a group we can join to continue attending the workshops or stay informed? 

Please follow this link to join our Whatsapp Group for Happy Nest International Workshops ( 


🖤 Where can I see the up-to-date Workshop Program?   

You can find our Workshop Program updated regularly, through the channels below: 


instagram: @happynestint 

phone: +90 212 - 257 8787 / 257 8585 / 257 8554 / 257 4500 




Workshop Program:

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