What is Happy Nest?

Turkey's first multipurpose "home away from home", a living club in Etiler/Istanbul, and our happy place!

We want you to think of Happy Nest as your second home where you can enjoy healthy food, reading, development through learning and celebrating all the good things in life since 2011.

What makes Happy Nest a "happy nest" is that we only offer our guests what we would want in our homes.

We work very hard to make sure our guests feel at home whether they are browsing through the children's books in our Happy Nest Bookshop, enjoying healthy tastes at our organic and natural Happy Cafe, attending one of our seminars for adults, waiting for their children to finish one of our workshops for kids, or when they're hosting a birthday party here.

Please make yourselves at home!

What does Happy Nest have to offer? 

International Bookshop

Pop in and get them hooked on books!

Happy Nest Bookshop has the largest selection of English books all hand-picked to suit the likes and needs of our international community and little learners of the English language.

For the last 8 years, Happy Nest Bookshop has been a place where children and their families visit regularly for browsing through our large selection of books for all ages, picking gifts for their loved ones, choosing art materials or wooden toys, simply enjoying to be here in our Happy Nest.

Organic and Natural Cafe

Our Little secret place, with a garden for kids to play!

Almost everything we offer at Happy Cafe is freshly made from scratch in our kitchen and only includes organic and natural ingredients. We do not use refined white flour and sugar. We do the dishes with lemon, vinegar and organic detergents. We do not use any chemical products. Our kitchen is audited regularly, and we do not offer our guests anything that we do not offer to our families and children at home. All the brands used in the Happy Cafe kitchen are selected from reliable and healthy producers that produce natural and organic products.

Workshops for Kids

Kids workshops for all ages!

Happy Nest workshops are designed after children’s development areas, by Happy Nest Educators who have been trained in Children’s Development and Pedagogy. Happy Workshops are for our little guests from 6 months.

Seminars and Workshops for Adults

Happy Nest Seminars is the place where we learn and remember about the most recent advancements in well-being, education, nutrition and parenting. We are happy to provide guidance for the adult members of our Happy Nest community with expert speakers. 

Happy Nest Workshops for Adults is where we get away from the fast rhythm of living in Istanbul, indulge in new experiences in topics we are interested in and develop new hobbies.

Birthday Parties

Our birthday parties are where kids' dreams become a reality. Anything is possible. We absolutely love to design birthday parties for our community members where they have an amazing day filled with fun activities, workshops, delicious food and surprises, in our theme decorated party venues.


The most preferred Happy Nest events are our private parties, special parties like Halloween or New Year, book events, anniversaries and corporate events. All our events are exceptional whether you'd like to be out in our secret garden under the 150 year old Oak Tree or indoors in one of our distinctively beautiful areas.


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