Happy Cafe

Our little secret place, with a garden for kids to play!

Almost everything we offer at Happy Cafe is freshly made from scratch in our kitchen and only includes organic and natural ingredients. We do not use refined white flour and sugar. All Happy Cafe tastes are seasoned with the right amount of herbs or spices to suit the palates of both our adult and little guests.

Like everything else at Happy Cafe, our cleaning materials also are organic and natural. We do the dishes with lemon, vinegar and organic detergents. We do not use any chemical products at Happy Nest.

Our kitchen is audited regularly by @annemdenetimde (translates as “mom’s auditing”) Gülden Kılınç. Gülden is a food expert, a dietitian, an auditor, an educator, a GAPS nutritionist and Saruhan’s mom.

We do not offer our guests anything that we do not offer to our families and children at home. All the brands used in the Happy Cafe kitchen are selected from reliable and healthy producers that produce natural and organic products.


Fruits and Vegetables Traditional Farmers’ Market, Çıralı Organic

Milk Aysun the Sütçü, Ada

Yoghurt Homemade Aysun the Sütçü, Ada

Pasta Ekotime, OTS

Butter, Cheese Koçhan Dairy Products

Dried Fruits and Nuts Traditional Farmers’ Market, OTS

Eggs JD Organic

Bread Ekotime

Tahini, Molasses and Halva Traditional Farmers’ Market

Olive Oil Olimadran

Meat Products Nebyan Natural

Honey Bee’o

Water Fuska

Ice Cream Dondurmacci, Baldo

Salep Baldo


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